Things I’m Loving Right Now

28 Feb

Heres a list of things I’m loving a lot right now at this moment of 5:02:53 seconds,

My mom, Mary, you’re really good. My sister, Megan, always the motivator and a bit of a hardass. Youre also good. Dad, I cant leave you out, you’re one of the funniest people I know, and you always have a hilarious way of starting every conversation, usually a sarcastic one-liner about things in my personal life, haha. I love you for it.

The song, “Laundry Room” by The Avett Brothers. OH MAN!!! Im obsessed with this song. Mumford and Sons in general, what a great band! They completely rocked the Grammy’s and if you looked closely, they were the ones actually moving Bob Dylan’s mouth so he could sing.

The Comic Strip, I’ve been having a lot of fun performing there lately (although I had to deal with a heckler from Whales last night) and hanging with some funny dudes including this guy, (this picture is to scale.)

And my friends, Matt Gutschick, Murfie Bud Light, Pat Wilco Folise, Jack Helmuth my Vienna guys Nic, Chris, and Lucs.

Peter Dean’s dog, Otis, and Peter Dean in general. Thanks for making the Ride a fun workplace.

Wednesday nights at Sugars. Usually after my stand-up show Gandhi is that You? Is over, a good crew of comics will go to Sugars in the East Village. Its always a good time, especially when the show goes well. And Sugars still has pumpkin pie.


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