3 Mar

As a people Americans are ethnocentric and I think that comes from a myriad of factors, sharing a continent with only two other major countries, our obsessive need with having to be the best if even when we’re not,and sharing a continent with an awful lot of white people that mainly speak one language. But I also think its a human characteristic as well.

People always care about themselves first, and I mean that in a strictly scientific non cynical kind of way. In Dale Carnegie’s amazing book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, he highlights consistently how much people just want to talk about themselves. For example a million people could die in China, and we would still be upset that our Blackberry doesn’t work.  With that being said, its important to always have some level of perspective about these things. This is something I heard that was pretty funny on the street today, this news feed game on, “Scores of people killed in Libya today as details emerge about so called Benghazi massacre. In a related story, gas prices rose, 23 cents.” And this guy next to me was like, “Not the gas prices!” Just politely skipping over the massacre they just mentioned. Yikes. Hey its weird being human.

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