Mad Town

8 Mar

I think Madison, Wisconsin is hands down one of the best cities in America. My best buddy, Danny Murphy went there and I visited the campus several times. Madison is a confluence of everything I really like about America. It combines a welcoming subdued midwestern vibe with a vibrant cultural scene, all while being surrounded by majestic trees and lakes and illegal firework stands. In Madison, you can go see the group Arrested Development, (MR WENDELLLLL YEAHHHHHH which I did) and then have of your best friends get so drunk that he kicked through a store front window, all before you eat enough cheese to start a health scare. It’s a great place.

But with the recent energetic and much justified protests in Madison over workers rights to collective bargain, I love this city even more. Here is a great video of Micheal Moore giving a speech to these workers called, “America is Not Broke!” I think the video really captures the buzz of the movement and sends a really clear message to corporate America that the workers in this country are not going to go quietly.

Here’s a link to five things you can do to help the workers in Wisconsin, one involves cheese.


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