3 Jan

I had a really good new year’s eve. It was actually one of my best ever. I took on a personal challenge and went to go see The Avett Brothers in Grenville South Carolina by myself on New Year’s Eve. I call it a person challenge because we live in a country and a culture that has convinced itself that you are nothing without someone in your life. That love and happiness only flows through a significant other, Celine Dion once said, “I am everything I am because you loved me,” I say Celine, you’re married to your grandpa. Our pop culture oozes that sort of shit though doesn’t it? And I am going to spend 2012 proving to myself and hopefully to other people, that a human being already has everything we need to be happy all the time. With that being said, will you be my MySpace friend?

Back to the concert, It was one of the best nights of my life and a great way to start the new year. Here is a clip from the concert right after the midnight countdown, they dropped 2,000 balloons on us and I went absolutely nuts.

I was surrounded by couples and flannels and beards, it felt like the L train to Williamsburg. In Patti Smith’s INCREDIBLE book, Just Kids, (read it right now, if you have not) she mentions that her mother taught her how you spend the first moments of your New Year is how the rest of your year will be, if that’s the case, I m really looking forward to this year. And Im going to be covered in beards. I hope you have the best one…Lets DO THIS!!!!

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