23 Feb

Get Tested

Daniel Radcliffe told The Mirror that he sometimes has sex with random Harry Potter fans, adding quote, “generally speaking I’ve known the person.  Apart from a few times when I was drinking.” Radcliffle then got tested for genital Hogwarts.

Whitney Houston’s body was flown to her birthplace of Newark, New Jersey for a wake and funeral held at the 18,000-seat Prudential Center arena. The service should not be uncomfortable for Nets fans who have a long history of watching the dead.

A Montana man was arrested after co-workers at the tax firm where he works alleged that he spiked the company coffee with methamphetamine.
The company suspected something suspicious when they noticed employees enjoying working at a tax firm.

U.S. Senate Candidate Pete Hoekstra is taking heat for an ad that uses a oriental music and a Chinese actress using broken English to thank his opponent for selling out to China. Hoekstra apologized to Chinese Americans for offending them saying quote, “Me Love You Long Time.”

President Obama hosted a Google Plus “hangout” this Monday in which he answered questions posed by users on  The first question submitted to Obama was, “Do you like me?” from username: JBiden6969.


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