Brene Brown: The Power of Vulnerability!

29 Feb

The Power of Vulnerability

This is an amazing Ted Talk from Brene Brown about the importance of vulnerability and living as like what she calls, “The whole hearted.” The last five minutes are fantastic and remind me of my favorite Kurt Vonnegut quote, “I give you my word of honor that we love you and need you. We love you simply because you are of our species. You have been born. That is enough.”

Brown’s speech also opened up a connection to other things I have been reading. She mentions that we experience the most love when we are the most vulnerable to ourselves and to others.  This corresponds with a story I read recently about a man being trapped in the jowls of a lion, and as he sat in this lion’s mouth, he felt an insane euphoria. He finally let go and gave up and became completely blissful. The man survived and recounted his story to others and I think the point is that we always want to control everything, but the moments when we truly let go and trust in the well being of this world and a higher power, are the moments we will be the happiest. 


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