More Monologue Jokes!

6 Mar

My high school year book photo.

These are all from the online political comedy show I am writing for called The BS of A. Its going really well and have gotten eleven jokes on the show so far. Note: I only post the jokes that DID NOT make the air.

A Florida man was arrested during a festival held by the “Redneck Yacht Club” after he destroyed a 16-year-old girl’s car by driving over it with this van. The woman decided not to press charges after she admitted to being the man’s cousin/wife.

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream unveiled a new flavor honoring Asian-American New York Knicks point guard Jeremy Lin containing China-inspired ingredients like lychee honey, but pulled one key ingredient for fear that it may be racist: fortune cookies. The company has named the new flavor “Me Love You Lin Time.”

The Wyoming house passed a “doomsday bill” this Friday, which will create a task force to study how the government would cope with disasters like terrorist attacks, food shortages, and complete government shutdown, or as they call it in the middle east, “living.”

A Michigan-based fitness center is offering a course in “Doga”– yoga for dogs. The most popular yoga position among dogs is downward-facing human.

Scientists at NASA say that they agency plans to cut many of its major space exploration programs, including its mission to Mars. Newt Gingrich said as president, he would save NASA then leave it for a hotter better looking agency.


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