Mitt Romney Reviews New Mumford and Sons Album

28 Sep

Why hello there! Good news America, I just got done listening to the new music disc by a band called Mumford and Sons. It’s funny because I can relate to these boys because I am also a son. A lot of us are sons. Some of us daughters. More than half are daughters. As my wife Ann always says, “I LOVE WOMEN!!!!!” Hahaha, me too, but not in an inappropriate way, I am happily married and love my wife and our five husk creature sons. HAHA sons, there it is again. My dad was the Governor of Michigan!!!!  So I just listened to this album, by Mumford and Sons which is called, “Babel,” beautiful, what a name, it reminds me of the promise of America, the beauty of the grain of the land, and the brightness of the sidewalks where you can ignore and belittle homeless people. So I listened to the music box on my airplane, by having my mind slave Lisa re-attach my “real” ear to my head, and gosh! I loved it! I really, really loved it. Of course I only made it through half the songs because I had to fire three handicapped people who were finger feeding me Chicken of the Sea tuna fish and diet cherry soda popsicles. “Or my now-nums as I call them.” HAHAHAHA,  I am a very successful business man.  DELICIOUS!!  Let me sing a line from my favorite song on this compact laser album, “I pledge Allegiance to the Flag, for which its stands, one nation…” Oh man!!! I got carried away again. Sorry. That’s not in the album but you know where it is, in my white American sweet, sweet pure blood. God bless this place. Anyhow I gotta to be getting back to the campaign trail, but wow, thank you Sons of Mumford for making these audios, and youngsters, listen up, these boys are going to be around for a while, unlike you because you will have no health insurance and crippling student loan debt when I’m president. Opps, my eyes are bleeding again, time to buy more cadavers!

Number of Stars (Out of Five) $$$$$$$$$…AMEX Black approved.

-Mitt Romney


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