Biden/Ryan Debate Preview

8 Oct


Here is a preview of this Thursday’s Vice-Presidential Debate between Vice-President Joe Biden and Wisconsin white man, Paul Ryan.

Biden: So I says to her, “No you can NOT touch my nipples.”

Ryan: You’re right, women shouldnt be allowed to vote.

Biden: I never said that pal.

Ryan: Oh, haha. Ok good “Yo Mama,” joke Joe.

Biden: Thanks Ron Paul. Say kid, you ever been to Delaware?

Ryan: No, but one time I locked a woman inside the house for 48 hours because she had an opinion…she was from Delaware.

Biden: Typical Romney/Ryan nonsense, always trying to relate to people. When you don’t know the faintest thing about struggling in this economy, trying to find a job or getting a beer bottle broken on your head at a White House state dinner. Not a clue.

Ryan: Sorry Joe, I dont know about that but I do know about gutting Medicare to pay for my P90x.

Biden: Jeez, the truth comes out.  I got your trickle down right here. (Grabs crotch)

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