Paul Ryan or Star of 1980’s Sitcom?

11 Oct


His name is Paulie Ryan, he loves the ladies but not their thoughts. Paulie Ryan is a numbers guy! Just to prove it, he’s gonna count to ten right now, 1, 2, 3, 4, NO CONTRACEPTION! Paulie Boy Ryan loves hanging with the boys and the boys, but let the world know, he aint gay. No way Jose (Jose is the name of his right bicep…that he uses to beat the landscapers). P Bone Skillet is gonna school Joey Joe Joe Beans Biden tonight by talking BIG and looking GREAT! Hey you like the economy? Good. because Paulieen Ryan is going to teach you about making the BIG BUCKS, by never paying your illegals. Paul Berry Finn will see you suckas tonight!! 

(Written by Paul Ryan) 


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