A Very Haunted House

1 Nov

Last night on Halloween, I had the incredibly surreal experience of driving through lower Manhattan in total darkness. I took my scooter home from 47th and 9th and drove south until I ran into a wall of absolute dark around 24th and 9th. Paris is known as the City of Light but anyone who has been in Manhattan knows how much the island is predicated on artificial and neon light, so to see it in complete blackness was beyond eerie. The only thing you see when you drive south are broken and flashing street lights, and traffic cops guiding cars with their flicking flash lights. I drove past scattered people standing in the streets who could have easily been construed as Zombies, and rogue street signs only seen in close proximity. The aftermath of the storm has been eerie in and of itself, but New Yorkers who typically get the misguided wrap of being angry, pessimistic, narcissists have everything but that. This city, and humanity as it ALWAYS does, has come together to help each other through this difficult and trying time.


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