Endorsement For President!

5 Nov

Many of you have been wondering who does the webmaster of endorse for president? Great question, the first question should be, who is the webmaster of, and if you answered Dustin Hoffman, you would be correct! Just kidding, the webmaster is me, Brendan Fitzgibbons and I think its time for me to finally come out and endorse someone for president, there already have been some great endorsements, of course The Onion, probably gave the strongest and most persuasive endorsement for John Edwards. Compelling. This guy is still running I think, of course as the number one fan of the hit Broadway musical, Rent. Joe Biden endorses himself at least twice a day. Donald Trump is endorsing free-range hair. Here is Ann Romney is endorsing birth control. OK you got me, Im just going to come out and say it, Im supporting for the fifth consecutive term, President Thomas J Whitmore. President Whitmore has show his resolve and determination to keep America safe from alien attacks and bad Will Smith one liners. We are united now as a country and as Whitmore says, “Can there be a peace between us?” Yes, yes there can.


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