Gun Talk!

29 Jan


                                                                      Biden’s newest gun.

Its time to talk guns guys, I have been dancing around this subject for a long time but I say lets talk truths about guns. We are steeped in a much needed discussion about gun control with the majority of polls supportingstronger gun laws, but the pro-gun voices in this country are mobilizing like the militant militia they think they are.  Joey Joe Biden just finished his report on gun safety recommendations and NRA President, Wayne Lapierre is definitely sweating more.  I think like everything he does, Barack Obama is taking a measured tactical approach to this debate and using his political cache to push for gun reforms. Im excited because I think this country is at a tipping point in this discussion and ready to change and reform and realize that guns are death. Plain and simple and if tomorrow, I invented a remote control for your TV, except in this remote control every time you push a button someone gets shot, thats a GOD-like power that I hope everyone would take seriously and with extreme caution. Well thats what guns are, they’re death remotes that almost anyone can buy so why wouldnt you regulate that? We regulate EVERY THING else in this country but the one thing that kills 30,000 people a year, we’re just going to say, “Sorry bro, Founding Fathers had muskets that would work once a year.” Gotta to keep this combat ready assault rifles that fire off shots faster than rocket ships. Lets fix this.

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