A Dude’s Perspective: How to Dress on a First Date

19 Feb
1:00 PM, FEBRUARY 19 2013
BY Brendan Fitzgibbons, Comedian and Researcher

Since February’s the official month of love, I’d like to talk about how to dress on a first date from a dude’s perspective. First of all, you’re earning major points by simply showing up. You could be wearing a bowling trophy and Skittles wrappers, and we would just be stoked that you were there. But in the event you’d prefer to actually wear clothes, I’d recommend choosing something casual but striking. Think Natalie Portman in Black Swan—right before she becomes the Swan Queen and possibly the devil. You want an easy dress that says, “Hey, what’s up man? I like fun—and no, I don’t mind that you cry during Cool Runnings.”

I’m a huge fan of bright colors—especially in New York City, where the majority of people constantly dress like they’re going to a funeral. Nobody wants to date The Undertaker. I think a radiant dress with some warm leggings, welcoming shoes and a sparkly necklace makes for a great outfit for any first date, whether it’s an after-work drink or and all-you-can eat soup, salad and breadsticks deal at the Olive Garden.



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