Other “IES” Besides Carnies

22 Feb


Other “IES” Besides Carnies 


 Arnies-Someone who only orders Arnold Palmer’s 


Barnies-Someone who specializes in the the upkeep of barns


Darnies- Someone who justifies using the word “darn” more than twice 


Farnies-Someone who prefers long distance relationships 


Garnies-Someone who specializes in garnishes, particularly cocktail umbrellas


Harnies-Someone who gets married in a harness 


Jarnies-Someone who only pees in jars


Karnies-A step below carnies 


Narnies-Someone who can’t stop talking about Narnia 


Parnies-Easily confused for pornies 


Rarnies-Card carrying member of RARN (Reptile and Amphibian Rescue Network)


Sarnies-Someone who has SARS and really enjoys being around it


Tarnies-Someone who’s really into tarring and feathering 


Yarnies-Someone who makes food out of yarn 



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