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4 Mar

A Dude’s Perspective: White Dresses

10:30 PM, MARCH 1 2013
BY Brendan Fitzgibbons, Comedian and Researcher

I love white dresses, and it’s not just because I want to marry you.

Throughout my dating history, I have made it no secret that a white dress is my favorite article of clothing a girl can wear. When I see you in a white dress, I want to put you on a horse and throw flowers at you. White dresses make you sparkle like a dove released from a magician’s hat. Scientific studies have shown that just wearing white can actually make you happier. Have you ever seen an angry polar bear? No—and you wouldn’t want to. Besides, any girl in a white dress would love it if a guy whispered in her ear, “You look like a skinny polar bear, here’s a Coke.”

The great thing about white dresses is that no matter what the design or look, you can always add some color with a statement necklace or a scarf—or just by spilling on yourself! White dresses are also perfect for springtime because they are lightweight, airy and great for any outdoor event: a sports game, trip to the park or Pope resignation. Pair any white dress with a skinny belt and lively necklace, and you’re set for life.



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