My Sister Got Married!

22 Apr

My Sister Got Married!



Superhero Window Washers

14 Mar

Superhero Window Washers

A group of window washers in Memphis dressed up as superheroes and cleaned windows at a children’s hospital. I love this.


We’re All Paul From the Wonder Years

15 Jan

I realized recently that the new cool look everyone is going for, particularly hipsters is black hair and black-rimmed glasses. The outfit has become an ubiquitous symbol of post-modern emotive intellectualism. And as someone who has both dark hair and black rimmed glasses, I had a drastic realization that we’re all just trying to look like Paul from the Wonder Years. Thats the new cool look. If the Wonder Years was around, Kevin would be the loser and Paul would be the one hooking up with Winnie Cooper. 



Scenes from the Republican Convention!

30 Aug


Haha! Yes you did build that. By the way what do you think has more white people, the Republican National Convention or a whites only country club? Probably the Republican National Convention.


Caroline’s Party!

20 Aug


Yeah!! Here are a couple of pictures from the Caroline’s show I did last Thursday, it was a great time with Kyle and Grant closing it out amazing.


Wayne Dyer is the Best!

6 Aug


“If you knew who walked besides you at all times on this path that you have chosen, you could never experience fear again.”
-Wayne Dyer
“What’s $250 million minus nothing?”
-Mitt Romney 

Mitt Romney’s Cup Holder

31 Jul


Mitt Romney has a lot of money. We know this, he knows this.  This is a picture of Mitt Romney’s cup holder that he got from Skymall Magazine. NOTE: Mitt Romney’s hair looks exactly like the fire he is drinking.