A Dude’s Perspective Video!

3 May

We took our blog to the streets of New York City. Check it!


Im a Burger!

12 Apr

Here’s a voice over I recorded last summer!


Before Midnight Trailer

1 Apr

Get it! I have not been this excited for a movie since Jurassic Park 2, which wasn’t that good but this is going to be better with less Jeff Goldblum.


I Talk to My Friend Dino About How to be Funny in Public Speeches!

28 Feb


NFL Bad Lip Reading!

16 Jan

This is hilarious!


New Standup Video!!

30 Nov

Hey! Here’s a new clip of my standup from a recent show I did at the Lincoln Lodge! It was a GREAT show, check it out sometime!


Corgi Dancing for Food

16 Nov

This is usually happens with humans at the Olive Garden.